In 2012,  the original founders – Eve Went, Pam Jeffries and Leslie May Harrison decided to set up a local charity for the people of Dorset.  Each had been touched by cancer, either personally or through friends and relatives, and on their journey, learned much about other people’s needs and concerns, especially the added financial burden caused by their diagnosis.  

So, DCCF was born out of a desire to alleviate some of these problems and offer financial support to sufferers and their families.

Having had years of experience fundraising for national charities, these founder members were well placed to set up a charity, which was registered with the Charity Commission in late 2012.

DCCF now has seven Trustees and three Patrons.  As a non-profit making organisation, all net proceeds are used solely to provide financial support to individuals and/or cancer groups, organisations, hospices and hospitals in Dorset.

Why Dorset?

First and foremost, all the founders and Trustees live and/or work in the County and have a passion for the area and its people.

Many have had treatment in the area and learned that the overall incidence of cancer is higher in Dorset than the rest of the country due to the size of the over 50 population.  However, the survival rates are higher than in other counties.  

The main radiotherapy facility is at Poole Hospital, meaning that patients, many of them elderly, and recovering from surgery, have to travel from all around the county for five days a week and up to six weeks.  We have heard of people taking 3 buses each way for ten minutes of treatment!

What are our objectives?

  1. By the provision of awards, we will provide financial support to aid with the recovery and treatment that patients need, when traditional care may be insufficient.
  2. The foundation will also support and work with other Dorset based cancer groups, organisations and hospitals to help assist with research and education into finding a cure for cancer as well as medical equipment required for the treatment of cancer patients.

What type of support can we provide?

For individuals:

  • Transport and parking costs for travelling to treatment
  • Overnight accommodation during treatment
  • Counselling
  • Additional childcare needed during appointments or for respite during treatment
  • Household modifications required due to illness
  • Domestic help required due to illness
  • Respite breaks for patients
  • Specialist buggy for a child with cancer
  • Wigs and prosthetics
  • Other financial hardships

For Dorset based cancer organisations we have so far supported:

  • Funding for small research projects and equipment not funded by the NHS
  • Funding for small research projects and equipment not funded by NHS
  • Local hospice Lymphoedema meters and specialist chairs
  • A grant towards post surgical bras for a local hospice
  • Equipping a drug treatment room at a local hospice
  • Equipping a special room for teenagers at a local hospital

How you can help us

  • Sponsor an event
  • Provide entertainment for an event
  • Join a sub-committee for an event
  • Bake a cake(s) for an event
  • Distribute/collect tins
  • Sell raffle tickets
  • Volunteer to help at an event
  • Man an information stall
  • Distribute information leaflets to your local library/GP/hospital
  • Create your own event – quiz, raffle cake sale, sponsored cycle ride, skydive or any quirky challenge you fancy – the more unusual the better for publicity purposes!
  • Buy tickets for our events
  • Promote our events with your friendship/colleague groups
  • Spread the word about what we can do for cancer sufferers among friends/family and colleagues
  • Leave us a small gift in your will to ensure we can continue our vital work – for more information, email us at info@dccf.co.uk

If you know of anyone in Dorset who is suffering from cancer or a cancer support group or organisation who/which would benefit from financial assistance then please contact us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We can’t say too many times how much your help is appreciated.  Please join us now by filling in the membership form below.  Pledge your support, now matter how small you think it is, we value it highly.  We have regular members’ evenings where you can meet friends old and new and where we give recognition awards to those who have helped us.

Members’ Form:

All help and support is much appreciated!!

If you would like to attend our events, offer occasional or regular volunteering or offer your professional services, then please fill in this form.  We will place you on our mailing list to ensure you get up to date information on our events and news.