We are thrilled to have helped so many people in so many ways.  Here are just a few of the lovely comments we have received:

Individual Award recipients:

1. “Thank you so very much for awarding me this grant .I am very grateful to the trust as it will enable me to continue with my acupuncture  sessions. These sessions do help me so much both with my pain and my feelings of well being” . Breast cancer patient.

2. “Thank you so  much for all your help.Thanks again to you all. God bless you.” Colon cancer patient- transport and financial help.

3. “Many thanks for your very kind offer of help for X and her family. The family is obviously delighted  and very grateful .” Melanoma patient. – clothes and shoes.

4. “May  we take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for financing our X family’s  day out at Thorpe Park. This day will certainly be a wonderful memory for the children all thanks to your kindness”. Cancer of the oesophageal  patient. She did  not actually take the day out yet due to illness.

5. “Many thanks for your help at this time it is very much appreciated”. Breast cancer patient – shower installation.

6. “Oh my goodness , we cannot thank you enough, We both feel so overwhelmed that it made me cry. We are both so very grateful to you and it has eased an enormous amount of pressure. We can now relax and enjoy our time together …. Thank you so much.” Bowel and lung cancer patient.  -holiday in Scotland.

7. “Thank you so much for your generosity in providing  X with a pushchair and accessories.Mum was moved to tears with your kindness”. Child with Leukemia – pushchair.

8.“I would like to thank you for considering my application  and awarding me the money to assist in the journey to hopefully regain my life  with Cancer” . Non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient – reflexology treatment and travel expenses.

Institution Awards

1. “Our room( relatives and carers room) has hosted 98 families during the course of the year and  they  have all been incredibly grateful  for the use of the lovely room in order to stay over when their loved one is very poorly”. Forest Holme Hospice – refurbishment of  relatives/ carers overnight room.

2. “This piece of equipment  will be in valuable in helping us to assess and treat patients with Lymphoedema  and improving  management options. Thank you so much”.
Poole Hospital  – Lymphoedema meter.

3. “We are grateful to the Dorset Cancer Care foundation support with regard to your generous donation of £2,000 towards gym equipment”.  Lewis Manning. Hospice.

4. “Thank  you very much for your cheque for £600 towards our electric reclining chairs. We are thrilled to receive it”. Forest Holme Hospice.

5. “We are thrilled  and delighted that Dorset Cancer Care Foundation will fund the following fridge sensors and I- pad”. Bournemouth Leukemia Foundation .- sensors for DNA fridge.

6. “The impact will be  to enable the inpatient unit to accept patients overnight who have more complex  care needs and in particular who need supervised general medication or controlled drugs.We are extremely grateful for the support of Dorset Cancer Care Foundation”. Lewis Manning Hospice- funding to complete treatment room.