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28th September 2020

A message from Jeff Mostyn


Dear All

I would like to take this opportunity to firstly, trust that you and your respective families are all safe and well. Having come through the initial lockdown period, I believe we were all, in one way or another, lulled into a sense of false security as the country endeavoured to get back to an element of normality.

However, the results of the past few weeks have highlighted the stark reality that COVID-19 has not disappeared but returned with a vengeance. We all face another period of restrictions and uncertainties. The Government find themselves in the impossible position of trying to balance Health with Wealth in respect of the economy. I am certain that most of us will agree that further action was needed as a matter of urgency to stop the virus getting out of control.

I am inspired me to write this note to you all, as throughout the unprecedented times we have been through since March, many people have forgotten about care and support in other areas of welfare in particular, Cancer. Both Care and fundraising almost came to a stop, we all know they go hand in glove. Fortunately for us at Dorset Cancer Care Foundation, we have a group of people who never forget, never stop caring, and constantly put others first.

I would like to say to each and every one of you, as Patron of this wonderful charity, I am so proud of you and the efforts you have gone to continue to ensure there are sufficient funds available to help those most in need. We have Natty and Joe, two NHS workers who cycled from Bournemouth to Carlisle, raising over £2300, one of our Ambassadors Roy Smoothe who raised over £400 in the Radio event, and Chris Helberg, who raised £5500 riding from Bracknell to Bournemouth Pier a total of 85 miles.  I know many of you and our ambassadors will have also raised significant sums of money during the year and I applaud you all.

Finally, I understand that future events will be held online as no face to face meetings can take place until the new year at the earliest.

Thank you all for your loyalty, support, and incredible endeavours on behalf of the foundation, I am humbled and proud to be your Patron.

Stay Safe, Kindest regards and very best wishes to you all.

Jeff Mostyn – DCCF Patron