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18th September 2018

Community comes together for Lynzie

THE Bearwood community has again come together to celebrate the life of care worker Lynzie Holloway, who died of cancer aged just 38.

Family, friends and neighbours of Lynzie, who passed away in November 2016, enjoyed a fundraising barbeque, children’s disco and raffle at Bearwood Social Club in King John Avenue, Bournemouth, in support of Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF), and raised the grand total of £710.44!

Lynzie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, before receiving the all-clear in 2014.

But when she later returned to hospital for reconstructive surgery, her cancer was found to have spread.

She died just six weeks after learning her cancer was terminal.

Lynzie’s best friend Jodie Brooks said: “Lynzie never asked: “Why me? In fact she was always there for others, and as a result she is still very much in the hearts and minds of all those who loved her and the community in which she lived.The fundraiser was about remembering her and celebrating her life by helping others.”

In the final months of her life Lynzie and her husband Garry were helped by the charity Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF) to pay their mortgage.

Lynzie Holloway who died of cancer in 2016, with her husband Garry Holloway.

Jodie explained: “Lynzie couldn’t work and Garry was caring for her and so it was a huge weight off their minds to know that they weren’t getting into mortgage arrears. They were so grateful to DCCF and so we are all proud to support the charity in her memory. The event was filled with love and laughter, just like she was.”

Lynzie’s mum and dad, Paul and Christine Samson also attended the event.

Mr Samson said: “It was amazing to see so many people come and show their love for Lynzie last year and to see them come out and do it again a year later has been overwhelmingly emotional for my wife and I.

“Lynzie would have been the first to step up and raise money for people going through cancer and she would have been thrilled to bits to see her friends doing it in her honour.”

DCCF gives financial assistance to families facing cancer in Dorset, giving grants to pay for everything from short breaks, to transport costs and household bills. An inaugural celebration in Lynzie’s honour last summer raised £2,698,72 for the charity.

The charity is asking individuals, organisations and businesses to support its High Five campaign by donating £5 or more to help Dorset cancer patients facing financial difficulties. DCCF  would also like to hear from cancer patients needing financial help. Visit:


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