Leave a Legacy Gift

A gift can be left by writing a Will or amending an existing one. By leaving a gift in your Will, you’ll become an essential part of our efforts to create a future where Dorset residents no longer fear financially due to cancer.

What types of gifts can be left in your Will?

  • Residuary gifts – A share or sometimes all, of an estate after all the other payments have been made.
  • Pecuniary gift – A specific sum of money.
  • Specific gifts – A particular item, such as property, antiques, jewellery, and shares.

Why leave a gift in your Will?

People leave gifts in their Will to the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation for many reasons. For some, it’s a dedication to someone who’s survived cancer with fewer financial difficulties, thanks to us. For others, it may be a tribute to loved ones they’ve lost to cancer. Whatever your reason, your gift will support others who are financially struggling through cancer.

Not only does leaving a gift to the DCCF help to ensure that our services can continue, but it can also have tax benefits too, meaning you could pay less tax. Speak to your solicitor for more information.

Our Promise to you

We promise that we will use your money wisely and that it will make a genuine difference to Dorset residents who are experiencing cancer. As the DCCF is a small and local charity where the Trustees take no expenses, we can ensure that your money goes to those that need it.

Follow Betty's Example

Betty Hyams decided to leave a gift to the DCCF. Her generous donation helped to fund cancer projects at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Lewis-Manning Hospice in Poole and the Wessex Cancer Trust. The largest project to benefit from her legacy is University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity, which used the money to create a tranquil room at the Poole Hospital Dorset Breast Screening Unit. This room allows for people going through breast cancer treatment a place to rest and reflect. Her legacy is honoured on a plaque outside the room.

Breast imaging manager for the Breast Screening Service at University Hospitals Dorset, Mel Huish gratefully said “Giving results to patients and their families has been a struggle for many years in our department, as we only had a small breast care nurses office which was no more than 7ft by 5ft and completely unsuitable. The room also backed onto a busy ultrasound room which was not quiet.”

She continued: “Having a large, dedicated room has made such a difference to our staff and in particular our patients. It is also a space that does not feel clinical and gives patients and their families time and space to come to terms with their referral for treatment.”

Read Betty's story further

Ready to leave a gift in your will?

October is Make A Will Month where many solicitors will give you free advice on wills and legacy giving.

Speak to your solicitor to find out what is involved, and if you want to let us know that you’re doing, please contact us at hello@dccf.co.uk or call 07849 249250.