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Ben, Highcliffe

“I’d like to thank @DorsetCancer for helping with my housing situation while I’m going through #Cancer round2. We need to spread the message.

Ben, Highcliffe

Marta, Boscombe

“My husband and I have both tried to keep working throughout our cancer treatment, but there have been times when it has made us very sick and it has been very hard to afford all our bills and the things our sons 12and seven need. When one asked to go on a school trip with the rest of his class we thought it would be impossible. It feels awful to let your children down. It is bad enough that they have two sick parents. But DCCF heard about our situation through his school and stepped in to help us meet the cost. We cannot thank the charity enough.”

Marta, Boscombe.

Paul, father of Lynzie from Bournemouth

“We are extremely proud – and I know Lynzie would be too – that the money raised by her friends in her honour will go to help other families experiencing cancer. She would have really loved that.”

Paul, father of Lynzie from Bournemouth


Sue’s Story

Our world fell apart when my husband was diagnosed with leukaemia. When DCCF said it could help I felt overwhelmed. Just knowing we had people looking out for us and willing to offer us financial support at a time when we felt very lonely and isolated made all the difference.”

Sue’s husband Paul was diagnosed with T Cell ALL – acute lymphoblastic leukaemia – in 2016 and underwent intensive chemotherapy and later a bone marrow transplant

Sue said: “Paul had to undergo intensive chemo in isolation for six weeks at a time. He spent pretty much a year in hospital, which meant he had to take long periods of time off work from the get go.

“When he underwent his bone marrow transplant treatment I also had to leave my part time job in order to care for him and our children.

“I was travelling daily to Southampton in between school runs and unfortunately we didn’t have any critical health insurance, so we were mainly relying on family contributions to live and pay our bills.

“My mum found DCCF on the internet when she was looking into ways in which we could get help and support

“I struggled to cope with the fact that we needed financial help at first and looked into every way possible of staying independent.

“I found it hard to sit down and write to DCCF asking for help. But when the charity said it could help, I felt overwhelmed and so relieved.

“Just knowing we had people looking out for us and willing to offer us financial support at a time when we felt very lonely and isolated made all the difference.

“Following the bone marrow transplant, Paul became critically ill and had to spend further time in hospital. The recovery period following a bone marrow transplant is a scary rollercoaster of mainly uphill struggles. Thanks to DCCF, we didn’t end up in mortgage arrears too.

“DCCF helped us pay our household bills, mortgage, utility bills etc. and also sent us some vouchers for fish and chips, which was a nice treat.

“Paul was fit enough to return to work on a part time basis in September 2017 and is hoping to go full time as of November 2017. We finally feel we have turned a corner and DCCF has had a part in that.

“Going through cancer is terrifying and gruelling, with financial pressures just adding weight to the stress and worry you already feel.

“I would recommend anyone experiencing financial struggles as a result of cancer to contact DCCF.

“It is hugely reassuring to know there is a local organisation willing to listen and offer some financial support when you are facing one of life’s biggest and frightening battles.”

Steve, Broadstone

“Fighting cancer is hard enough, but as I am self-employed and wasn’t able to work during my chemotherapy, my wife and I got into mortgage arrears which meant added stress. DCCF paid the mortgage month we owed and another month on top. It was a huge weight off our shoulders and left us able to get on with my treatment, without the worry about being behind with our mortgage.”

Steve, Broadstone

Ali, Shillingstone

“You don’t realise until you actually have cancer that it can make everyday things like paying the mortgage and the bills and even affording the weekly shop, incredibly difficult.
“I was deeply impressed by this group of ordinary people who raise money to help cancer patients’ facing financial hardships during their treatment and I am doing all I can to now support them as a fundraiser. I also want to do all I can to raise awareness of the more uncommon cancers like mine and encourage people to get checked out straight away, as soon as they think something isn’t quite right.”

Ali, Shillingstone.