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15th January 2018

Zoe and her pupils challenge cancer to a dance-off

A theatre school principle who was diagnosed with cancer at 30 is amongst the ‘stars’ of a unique charity show taking place this March.

Zoe Mather, founder of Centre Stage School of Dance & Performing Arts in Poole, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2014 after developing a lump in her throat.

Thyroid cancer is rare and affects the small gland at the base of the neck that produces hormones.

 Zoe underwent a full thyroidectomy, followed by several months of recuperation and will have to take medication for the rest of her life.

Now 34, in remission and expecting her first baby in March, Zoe is thrilled that her young pupils are set to star alongside a host of other dancers and singers in the charity song and dance spectacular Dancing with Choirs at the Lighthouse Theatre in Poole on March 10, 2018.

Dancing with Choirs will see dance troupes and theatre schools from across the area sharing a stage with local choirs for the first time, with all money raised going to the charities Dorset Cancer Care Foundation and Wessex Heartbeat.

Zoe, from Penn Hill, Poole said: “Being hit by cancer literally turns your world upside down.

“As well as the prospect of having to fight for your life you also have to deal with the everyday difficulties that cancer brings too – the worries, the stress and the financial pressures.

“Charities like Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF) and Wessex Heartbeat are a lifeline, helping people face the practicalities of cancer and providing solutions so they can get on with fighting the disease.

“And that’s why the staff and pupils at Centre Stage jumped at the chance to support these wonderful local charities in Dancing with Choirs.”

Cancer survivor Zoe Mather’s young ballet dancers from Centre Stage are amongst the choirs and dance groups which will share the Lighthouse Theatre stage on March 10, 2018 in a unique dance and music show for local charities Dorset Cancer Care Foundation and Wessex Heartbeat.

Centre Stage will share the Lighthouse stage with Just Sing adult choir.

Zoe said: “They have the most amazing voices and we are all so excited about performing on this wonderful platform.”

Other acts include Bournemouth Male Voice Choir, Sound of Soul Choir, the Jamie Lee Dance Academy Choir, Dance Crazy Dance School, Jamie Lee Dance Academy and Parkewood School of Dance.

Dancing with Choirs will be directed by Marie Duffy Pask, choreographer of the internationally-acclaimed ‘Lord of the Dance’. Marie will also be bringing along some of her dancers to perform on the night.

Dancers will perform ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary dance while choirs sing songs ranging from show tunes to those written by Michael Jackson and Ellie Goulding.

Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF) was set up in 2012 by Eve Went, Pam Jeffries and Leslie-May Harrison, from Poole, to help families facing financial hardships because of cancer.

Wessex Heartbeat was founded 25 years ago and has raised almost £16 million for the Wessex Cardiac Centre.

Eve Went, one of the founders of DCCF said: “Zoe has battled cancer with immense bravery and the support of her wonderful staff and pupils and we are thrilled that she and all the other dance groups and choirs are using their talents to help DCCF.”

Ken Wilde of Wessex Heartbeat said: “We are excited to be teaming up with DCCF and sponsor Goadsby to bring Dancing with Choirs to East Dorset and the fabulous Lighthouse Theatre.

“It’s a great event for all ages and with tickets now on sale at the Box Office we hope people will book early to avoid disappointment.” Contact the Lighthouse Box Office on 01202 28000

More information on Dancing with Choirs here

Wessex Heartbeat and the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation are bringing a production of Dancing with Choirs to the Lighthouse in Poole. Representatives of the charities are pictured with sponsor David Errington of Goadsby, compere Marie Pask and performers Dance Crazy, Bournemouth Male Voice Choir, Jamie Lee Dance Academy, Just Sing Choir and Sound of Soul.





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